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HP Valves & Fittings has inhouse Material and Metallurgy Lab with the modern facilities.

HP Valves & Fittings deals with wide range of materials for the pressure containing parts, Pressure retaining parts and Pressure Controlling parts as per International Codes & Standards.

Few to list out are

1.Carbon steel

2.Low Alloy steel

3.High Alloy Steel

4.Duplex, Super Duplex Stainless steel









The Raw materials and Elastomers are bought in India and Abroad directly from Mill or from their Authorized Dealer.

The Raw materials are verified for Major alloying elements, Volumetric examination and Surface / Sub Surface examination at receipt stage.

The Portable Spectro Analysis, Microstructure and Metallography can be performed at Inhouse facility.

The Case hardness and Case depth can be verified in Inhouse Microvickers Hardness Machine.

The hardness on Elastomers can be verified with Shore Hardness.

Whenever involved for Failure Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope would be used to find out the characteristics of the failure occurred.

Specimen Preparation centre for Microstructure, Metallography, Hardness, Case depth etc.