HP Valves and Fittings | Leading Valves Manufacturer in India | Valves Manufacturer

HP Valves has a 40000 Sq.Ft area of manufacturing facility equipped with state of the Art and modernised manufacturing facility.

Has established measures to meet the International and United Nations Health, Safety and Environment requirements

Has built Administrative controls, Engineering Controls and Substitutes towards HSE.

Had set up a Good Manufacturing flow to avoid 3M (Muri, Mura, Muda).

Has lean manufacturing set up for most of their products like Manifold Valves, Globe Valves and Needle Valves.

Has a State of the Art KEMPPI make GTAW welding machine with IGBT, Pulse mode and 4T Mode.

Has implemented Value Engineering in products manufactured from bar.

Has Turn Mill and All conventional machineries to conduct Research & Development in shopfloor.

Has Trained, Experienced, Qualified personnel and Subject Matter Experts in Design, Manufacturing and Inspection.

Maintains 30% of resource for accomodating customer urgent need and to meet short deliveries and to handle large quantities.

Has good proven track record and has good relation with its stake holders across the globe.

Has good liason with IIT Madras, Universities, International experts, International scientists, SMEs.

Works along with scientists in Governemnt of India and with International Facilities.

Implemented TPM Tracking Industry 4.0 as a part of Shopfloor Digitization.

Equipped with own Machineries, Monitoring and Measuring Instruments.

Has own purchased Latest International Codes & Standards and maintains Library.