Premium collection of Tube Fittings

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HP Valves have the premium collection of Tube Fittings that are ideal for a wide range of industries such as power generation industries, petrochemical, oil and gas processing industries. We are the superior alternative for tube fittingTube fittings

Special properties of Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

Stainless steel grade is an utmost metal alloy that is applicable in a diverse range of engineering and industrial applications. This is due to its vast features offered to the applications. These tube fittings have an austenitic structure and have higher work hardening rates. This is the reason it is called austenitic stainless steel. It offers higher strength in terms of mega Pascal. It is processed from control heat treatment process so as to drive its ductility and toughness. It has the hard temper to be used where high wear resistance and spring features are needed. The low amount of carbon is added on the tube fittings to improve its ductility also it has the amount of nitrogen for the larger sections. This composition of materials varies the properties of stainless steel.
We offer these instrumentation tubes in a wide range of standards, specifications, designations, and grade and custom dimensions. We also provide these tubes in altered dimensions for the complex type of tube fittings. The SS instrumentation tube fittings work reliably on both welded and seamless drawn products. These are fully annealed type.


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