Needle Valve and its advantage

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What Is a Needle Valve?

A valve is a device that sits along the line of a pipe or passage and is used to adjust the flow of air or liquid that’s allowed to travel along the passage. There are many types of valves with different functional capabilities and features. The valve we’re going to be digging into is called a needle valve.

A needle valve is a particular type of valve, one which has an unusually small port and a needle-shaped plunger that moves up and down within the confines of the port. In this way, it resembles a needle inside a syringe, which is how it gets its name. The plunger can be moved up and down within the port, allowing for more precise flow control.

Some valves only have two settings which are open and closed, but a needle valve might be half-open, barely open, or fully open creating the opportunity for greater precision.

Needle valves have their own specific set of advantages, not to say they’re the best valve out there, simply because there’s no such thing as a “best valve.” Rather, it’s more accurate to say that the needle valve is the best valve for particular situations like the ones we mentioned earlier where you rely on high levels of precision and accuracy.

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