Hse Policy

At HP Valves & Fittings, we believe in sustainable development and are committed to effective management of health, safety and the environment as an integral part of our business. The health and safety of our employees and stakeholders who may be impacted by the company’s operations is of paramount importance and our aim is zero harm to people and to the environment.

To achieve this, We shall

  • Comply with applicable national, regional and local Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) regulations and statutory obligations and requirements as appropriate. We will drive continuous improvement in HSE through setting and reviewing targets, assessing and reporting HSE performance, using appropriate best available practices and providing all employees with appropriate training;
  • Prevent injury and ill health to the company employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment and by minimizing risks associated with occupational hazards;
  • Improve and enhance environmental conditions and avoid, reduce mitigate or compensate the environmental impacts to neighboring communities in which we operate including air and noise;
  • Conserve natural resources, through adopting environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology and process improvements. The Company is committed to managing waste of our operations and we adopt the principles of waste avoidance, reuse, recycling to minimize discharge and disposal to the environment;
  • Promote a positive HSE culture within our organization through effective communication, participation and consultation with employees in the workplace;
  • Influence our suppliers to adopt principles and practices adopted by us and in accordance with our own policies;
  • Communicate with all our stakeholders on the progress and performance of HSE management.

As Managing Director of HP Valves & Fittings India Private Limited, I sign this policy, which is implemented throughout the businesses. The content and robustness of implementation of this policy will be reviewed periodically and revised accordingly and includes sharing best practices throughout the group.

We will also measure progress against this policy and review performance on a periodic basis to ensure ongoing management of Health, Safety and Environment.