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HP Valves & Fittings India Private Limited is one of the pioneers in Needle Valve Manufacturers in India. Also, we are a Tube Compression Fittings Manufacturer, Threaded & Welded Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, Sealant Injection Grease Fittings Manufacturer, Instrument Valve Manifolds Manufacturer, Ball Valves Manufacturer, Globe Valves Manufacturer, Check Valves Manufacturer, Field Instrumentation Hook-up Accessories such as Air Headers, Condensate Pots, Injection Quills, Syphons, Flanges, Air Filter Manufacturer, Regulators, and Custom Build/Specialized Engineering Components Manufacturer with a dedicated RND department & manufacturing and testing units. We are an IMS-satisfied company by TÜV NORD. We assure you that we will do the very best service in terms of Quality and Prices. Contact Us our HP Valves Specialist.

The needle valve is commonly used to adjust the rate of fluid, gases, or solid flow slowly. These valves are a fantastic choice for situations where a valve that opens gradually and controls the flow of process fluid is necessary. A needle valve, however, takes a considerable time to close and open fully.

The valve can be designed by taking into account international and national regulations, such as the European Directive for Pressure Equipment 2014/68/EU, EN12516, AD 2000 Regulations, API 6D and ASME/ANSI B16.34 and others depending on the specified application and legislation after specific requirement from customer. Don’t hesitate to Get in Touch With Us for additional information. or send your concerns to Needle Valve Manufacturers Specialist.

Proper use of the Needle Valves will never exceed the application limits such as instructed on the valve nameplate/marking, by the additional marking on the product, in the product specification, specific provisions, or in this manual.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 e.g., has always been a determining factor within the overall process of design, procurement, manufacturing, and marketing at all HP sites.

All relevant laws, directives, standards, and specifications will be adopted for specific applications of the valves.

Selection of Needle Valve – Buyer Guide

while selecting a needle valve you must consider the below 4 main factors

  1. Material
  2. Pressure Rating
  3. Temperature Rating
  4. Valve Size
Needle Valve Manufacturers

In Hp Valves Materials Option for needle Valves

The Needle Valve’s body material must be chosen to meet the application requirements. Brass Needle valves, carbon steel Needle valves, and stainless steel Needle Valves are the three most popular materials used by Needle Valve Manufacturers. Other materials like nickel, copper, chromium and other alloys are also being used as per the requirements of the application. This material’s selection is based on how well it works with the system fluid, which takes into things like corrosion resistance, pressure, temperature, and cleanliness.

Hp Valves is a Needle Valve Manufacturers in India with the below Materials Options for Needle Valves. Below you can find various materials options used in multiple components for the Needle valve. According to your requirements, you can choose the below materials for the component as per your application requirements.

Sl NO.ComponentMaterial
1 BodyStainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/ Nickel Alloy/ Brass
2 Gland Body Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/ Nickel Alloy/ Brass
3Gland RetainerStainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/ Nickel Alloy
4SpindleStainless Steel/ Nickel Alloy
5PlugStainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/ Nickel Alloy/Brass
6Check NutStainless Steel
78HandleStainless Steel
8WasherStainless Steel/Nickel Alloy
9Gland SealPTFE/Grafoil/PEEK
10Stopper PinStainless Steel

Needle Valve Manufacturers – In Hp Valves India various Pressure ratings for needle Valves

Here you can check out the wide range of Needle Valves by HP Valves & Fittings India Private Limited of High Pressure Needle Valves and Low pressure Needle Valves.

HP101NVF x F TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP102NVM x F TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP103NVF x F WITH DRAINASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP104NVOD x OD TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP105NVM x M TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP107NVF x F TYPE (HEX BODY)ASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP108NVM x F TYPE (HEX BODY)ASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP110NVOD x OD (ANGLE TYPE)ASME B16.343000,6000,10000
HP106NV2 PC DESIGN (M X F) ASME B16.343000,6000,10000,40000
HP109NV3 WAY TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000,40000
HP111NVFLANGE END TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000,40000
HP112NV1 PC DESIGNASME B16.343000,6000,10000,40000
HP113NVERMETO TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000,40000
HP114NVORBITAL WELD TYPEASME B16.343000,6000,10000,40000

Needle Valve Manufacturers – Hp Valves India Temperature Rating of Needle Valves

The allowable max temperature for NV-type valves is 280°C. HP range covers valves for higher temperatures with special material configuration and corrosion protection. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with HP Valves Specialist for additional information.

Needle Valve Manufacturers – Various Sizes of Needle Valves in Hp Valves India

The actual size of the end connection is commonly used to determine the size of a needle valve. The rate of flow that the valve is capable of providing is a more important parameter for size. Design of the component, inlet, and exit pressures, and fluid density are the main factors that affect how fluid flows through valves or any other fluid system components.

Size Option for needle Valves in High Pressure

For High pressure Needle Valves the below sizes are available in HP Valves India

Size – min 1/8″ to 3/4″ for End Connections – NPT / BSP / BSPT (Suitable to Pipe Conn).

Size – 1/8″ to 1″ OD & 4mm to 25mm OD for End Connections – Tube OD(Suitable to Tube Conn).

For additional information. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with HP Valves Specialist.

Size Option for needle Valves in Low Pressure

For Low pressure Needle Valves, the below sizes are available in HP Valves India

Size – Size – 1/8″ to 2″ for End Connections – NPT / BSP / BSPT / SW / METRIC / UNF(Suitable to Pipe Conn).

Size – 1/8″ to 1″ OD & 4mm to 25mm OD for End Connections – Tube OD(Suitable to Tube Conn).

For additional information. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with HP Valves Specialist

FAQs Usually Bayers asked to Needle Valve Manufacturers

1. How to identify the type of needle valve?

When temperatures are below the limits for plastics, one may typically choose a soft-tipped stem, a blunt metal-to-metal stem, or a regulating metal-to-metal stem. Soft-tipped stems will seal better than metal-to-metal stem types in non-lubricating media, such as dry gas. Regulating stem types offer better flow control over blunt and soft-tipped stem types. Soft tips are generally not a good idea unless you really need them, as there is no ‘feel’ of a dead stop when closing them.  It is therefore very easy to over-tighten and damage the tip.  We often find users damaging the tips this way before they have even fitted the valve!

2. Why are the arrows or other flow direction symbols placed on needle valves?

Arrows or other flow direction symbols are placed on needle valves to help install the valve properly with the flow direction. There are two main reasons for installing and employing needle valves in line with flow indications. When the valves are closed, the pressure in the stem seal region is released, increasing the lifespan of the stem seal and removing the possibility of stem leaking. Additionally, when pressure is misapplied, seat problems may occur with certain valve types.

While Needle Valve is open
While Needle Valve is closed
3. Is it necessary to do periodic inspections of needle valves?

Yes, it’s necessary to do periodic inspections of needle valves with the duration recommended by Needle Valve Manufacturers. Regular maintenance and servicing depend on the actual operating conditions and the operating frequency of the valve. It is recommended to inspect the pipework section for leaks and damage periodically; also, the flange connections must be inspected.

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