Ball Valve Versus a Globe Valve

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Difference Between Ball Valves and Globe Valves?

The primary distinction between the ball and globe valves is how they close. Ball valves have a stem and ball that move horizontally and are generally called “rotational” valves. Globe valves, on the other side, have a stem and plug that strokes linearly, giving them their other name of “stroke” valves. Ball valves are ideally designed for systems that need on / off the power without reducing the pressure. While globe valves excel at regulating flow.

Which Is Better: A Ball Valve or Globe Valve?

Ball valves are robust, working well after several cycles, and stable, firmly closing even after long periods of disuse. Such characteristics make them an ideal alternative for shut-off applications, where they are sometimes favored to gates and globe valves. On the other hand, ball valves may not provide the finest control in the throttling applications provided by globe valves.

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