Testing Facilities:

  • Complete in-house and out source testing facilities available for all the products manufactured by us
  • All tests are carried out in strict conformity to ASME 1387: 2002, and records are maintained as per ISO 9001: 2008
  • Our test laboratory, which is independent of production, is completely equipped for dimensional specification of the various components
  • A complete set of gauges for all dimensions, threads, tapers, finish, coating thickness of plating, and other dimensions / features of our fittings are available on site
  • A complete system of logging is maintained for calibration certification for all equipment, gauges,measuring instruments etc. to ensure that their calibration remains valid at all times.


  • Hydrostatic test with water as the testing medium up to 1600 Kg/Cm2 (20,000 psi).
  • Pneumatic testing facility using dry air and/or nitrogen for pressures up to 210 Kg/Cm2
  • High pressure proof and burst testing equipment up to 3000 Kg/Cm2 (43,500 PSI)
  • Vacuum Test for vacuum up to 760mmHg.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Impulse / cycle testing equipment up to 0 - 6000 psi capacity (35-40cpm)
  • Vibration testing equipment, Range: 10-60hz (cycle) capacity,
  • Pull out testing equipment, Hydro control with manual adjustment, Range: 0- 4 ton
  • Rotary flex test System, Hydro pneumatic control with manual adjustment, Range: 0- 6,000 PSI
  • Flexure fatigue Test, Hydro pneumatic control with manual adjustment, Range: 0- 6,000 PSI, Rate: 0-60cpm
  • Thermal Test Equipment, Range: 0-450c, Controlled heating as per Profile set and Natural Cooling as well as Forced.
  • Optical illuminated magnifier for testing of profiles of threads and other tapers in conformity with the requirements of the various products manufactured by us

Out Source Testing Facilities

  • Helium Leak test facility for checking leakages of helium up to 1 x 10-6 Standard CC per sec
  • Inter granular Corrosion Test at NABL Approved Lab as per the Standard (ASTM A262-14 Practice E).
  • Raw materials chemical and mechanical properties testing as per the international standard's
  • NACE Tested at NABL Approved Lab as per the Standard (MRO175/ISO 15156 Part 3).
  • PMI Tested for Raw materials.