• Globe Valve Manufacturer

    Manufacturer of Body designs of Globe valve

    Manufacturing of basic body design of the Globe valves consists of Disk and Seat and Stem .There are many ways of constructing the design but the best of the global design were of these three one. These were manufactured in the different material and it is arranged as per the design. Some of them were explained . The main parts were Globe valve hand wheel, Globe valve stem, Globe valve bonnet, Globe valve disk , Globe valve seat.

    Globe valve Disk:

    The efficiently used in the globe valves were plug disk, ball disk, composition disk. Composition disk uses a hard, non-metallic insert ring on the disk, which all were long and tapered. Globe valve Plug disk design provides better throttling than ball or composition designs. Hp valves and fittings India were available in many different designs and Hp valves and fitting India are has a tighter closure.Ball disk design is used primarily in low pressure and low temperature systems. It is capable of throttling flow, but in principle it is applied to stop and start flow.


    In Hp valves and fitting India we have the angled globe valve design such that are .we have the globe valve design in which inlet and the outlet ports are perpendicular to each other. The movement of the seat section of in and out movement by the linear motion.Hp valves and fitting India have the cage-style construction and expanded outlet connections these helps to restricted trim. The other capability is to outlet liners for reduction of erosion, flashing, or cavitation damage. Hp valves and fitting India
    Were developing valves that were used in boiler feedwater and heater drain service.further used in piping schemes where space is at a premium and the valve can also serve as an elbow.

    The Hp valves and fitting India having some types of the globe valves there are
    Y-type globe valve
    T-type globe valve
    Angled globe valve

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    HP valves India tube fittings deliver a leak-tight, gas-tight seal in an easy-to- install, disassemble and reassemble form. The robust tube grip with patented, two-ferrule technology is resistant to vibration fatigue and withstands high pressures and temperature extremes. stainless steel tube fittings to help installers make more consistent, leak-tight tube connections. In these sizes, a patented case hardening process and patented recessed and contoured geometry provide unique engineering